Weekly Services

The highlight of our weekly worship is the mass celebrated at 10:30am every Sunday morning, when we come together as a congregation. Sunday morning services are either High or Sung Masses – they are always sung by our choir. Coffee is served afterwards.

There are also shorter, more intimate Low Masses on Wendesday mornings at 11am, and a Rosary Mass which takes place at 12:30 on the first Saturday of each month. All services feature in our Events Calendar, and are also advertised in the pew sheet which is available either here or in person.

Children are more than welcome, either to join in the mass in full or in our Children’s Church. There is space for buggies within the church and two toilets, one of which has baby changing facilities.

We are proud of our Anglo-Catholic tradition, though our worship is inclusive of all denominations and backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you don’t stand up or sit down at the same time as everyone else. Just come and sit, watch and listen, sing and pray with us and stay for coffee. The service book we use will also give you more explanations about what we do in our services and why, and anyone will be happy to explain what seems unclear.

Our worship is deeply seasonal, and so we often celebrate festivals that vary the mass throughout the year. Members of the congregation also regularly join clergy in reading and serving.


Serving is praying. Praying is something we do with our bodies as well as our hearts and it is something we do for other people as well as for ourselves. We have an active community of altar servers who assist in the mass and in the social life of the church.

We’re also members of the Scottish Guild of Servers, who serve nationwide.

If you’d be interested in serving, let someone who looks like a server know! (Or you could use the contact page). We’re always happy to have new people get involved.

For sacraments of confession or healing, or for pastoral matters, or for occasional offices such as baptism, marriage or funerals, please get in touch with us here.

We are a proud supporter of Equal Marriage, and would be delighted to host your wedding ceremony.

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